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Dance classroom piece for children and young people from the 6th grade, which asks about the hero* in each and every individual. + A cooperation with Mecklenburg Vorpommern is on the horizon + Closed school event + If you are interested, please contact info@bruch-stü

  • Date: 10.05.2023 09:00
  • Location School center "Am Friedensplatz", Neutrebbin (Map)
  • More Info: Closed school event


The school classes experience dance in the course of visiting the performance in an introductory practical workshop and have the opportunity to talk to the dancer and a dance mediator after the performance.

Entitled "Hero," the 45-minute production speaks for the people who turned defeat into victory and those who became heroes without realizing it. It shows the courage, effort, perseverance and strength it takes to take up the fight - powerful, energetic, encouraging and humorous. Patricia Apergi dealt intensively with the heroes and heroines of our society and, as in her previous pieces, developed a specific language of movement for and with her stage heroine, the young Greek dancer Eva Georgitspoulou. It was clear to her from the start that “Hero” was aimed in particular at teenagers. She pulls the audience into a merry-go-round of emotions and asks about the hero in each and every one of us.

Choreography & concept: Patricia Apergi
Eva Georgitsopoulou
Sound design:
Giwrgos Poulios
Nikos Vlasopoulos
Costume design:
Vassiliki Syrma