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The choreographer Martin Stiefermann and the dancer Brit Rodemund from the group MS Schrittmacher explain their research journey into the world of the dancer and choreographer Anita Berber. The audience is introduced to the work of Anita Berber in a lively way, accompanied live by the pianist David Schwarz. + FREE ENTRY / OBULUS WELCOME + Registration requested: info(at)

  • Date: 23.10.2022 17:30
  • Location Schweizerhaus 1-5, Seelow, Germany (Map)


For their dance introduction, MS Trittmacher dealt intensively with the choreographic work of Anita Berber. Reviews from newspapers and magazines from the 1920s, program notes from their performances, reports from contemporary witnesses, still and moving image material were collected, systematized and analyzed. MS Pacemaker was able to collect a large amount of material from the existing holdings of individual archives and collectors. But her research also unearthed a lot of previously unknown material, such as a rare interview, a dance notation of one of her solos, or a costume review. The descriptions of Anita Berber's dances by the Czech choreographer Joe Jenčík "Anita Berberová -Studie" from 1930, which was published as a first German publication as part of the project, also served as a particularly important source within the historiographical work.