Antje Rose - dance workshop and project management

Antje Rose studied Slavic studies and Eastern European history as well as stage dance at the Floor in Berlin.

In addition to stays abroad in Portugal and Ireland, she worked from 1986 to 2001 as a dancer in productions by Dance Berlin, Dance Theater of Ireland, Tanzkompanie Rubato, Brussels Project Berlin, Kollektiv van Vark, Xavier Le Roy, Constanza Macras, and others.

Since 2001 she has been a member of the dance and performance group MS Pacemaker. First in Oldenburg, later in Berlin, Konstanz, Saarbrücken, among others, she worked as a dancer, choreographer and assistant in a large number of the group's productions. She took on the leading role in the successful play Alice in Wonderland at Karstadt am Hermannplatz and the digital remake WWWonderland.alice.

In 2007, Antje Rose founded the youth dance company Roses&Co, with which she realized numerous youth dance projects at schools, youth centers and various theaters such as the Oldenburg State Theater or the HAU in Berlin. Since 2009 she has been leading international workshops for the youth cultural work association in Oldenburg. Her youth plays Kiki Lounge and Freischütz premiered in 2021.

Antje Rose is currently working as a dancer with the choreographer Yoshiko Waki in Münster.